Saturday, 18 October 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 9

Day 9: 17 Oct 2014, Friday

I am grateful that:

1) I have a resourceful partner in my husband. I asked him to find out which vendor is taking over Mulberry's location at the stadium and he managed to find out! Even left my contact for them to call me back next week!

2) Lucas is developing confidently. When he was younger I worried that he will be bullied because he is a quiet boy. At times he doesn't like to play with others too. But over time I find that he's quite adaptable, when I drop him off for Heguru and Tien Hsia he didn't cry at all despite the fact that he is a little apprehensive. Today when I picked him up the teacher also told me that she felt Lucas has developed a lot and now shares and spends time with his friends, is talkative and talks to the teachers on his own initiative. This may seem like no big deal for many children, but I am damn proud of Lucas. 

3) My helper gave me two months advanced notice that she is resigning end of year. Though I have a tendency to grumble that she did not finish her contract, I try to lok on the bright side that at least I have time to get a new maid. Perhaps it's a chance to get a better one too. 

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