Thursday, 30 October 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 19

Day 19: 27 Oct 2014, Monday

I am grateful that:

1) My mother is still considerably healthy. I brought her for her diabetes check-up today. Each time during her doctor's visit, a small part of me is nervous about her test results. I'm worried that her kidney is no longer good and that she will need dialysis, or her blood sugar or blood pressure or any other issues have gotten worse. Today the test shows her blood sugar is slightly raised, but her kidney health is maintained. So she gets a small dose of medicine for her blood sugar. To me this is A+ report card! What else to ask for, she's 79, walking and healthy and happy!

2) I have a very strong relationship with my siblings. Last time I used to bring my mother to all her doctor appointments when it was just diabetes. After that many more came in and my siblings ungrudgingly stepped in to help. My brother on his own accord keeps track of all the appointments via an excel file and frequently sends out the roster for us to take up the appointments. When I expressed one day that I do not have enough leave, my brother immediately said it's ok and he will take over bringing my mother to that appointment. But I also know not to take advantage, because he is already shouldering a lot of the blood test trips and trips to the GP, so I said I will do it. Nevertheless, in times when a parent is sick, it makes me grateful that I have a solid support system together with my siblings. Also, we hardly quarrel. We don't talk very often but I know our relationship is strong. I like that all of us are mature adults who appreciate the relationship that we have.

3) There are nice people around us. The nurse at the doctor's office was very friendly. Later at the pharmacy it looked like I will be late to pick Lucas, so I asked the registration staff if he could ask the pharmacist to hurry the prescription. He did and we completed the transaction in a jiffy.

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