Sunday, 25 May 2014

Stir fried cabbage

I cooked this for a Saturday night dinner. Woke up from nap around 5pm and looked in the fridge. Saw a whole lot of cabbage! In the end I cooked more than what we can finished. So there  you go...

Serves 5 adults who are in love with vegetables (I.e. who eat more than a polite sampling amount)

1 cabbage, roughly chopped, size to your liking
1 carrot, sliced
2 garlic cloves, chopped
Half bowl dried shrimps, rinsed 1-2 times and dried on kitchen towel
3 tablespoons of soya sauce
(I recommend to add 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce or try fish sauce, else you hardly have any other taste apart from the cabbage itself)

1) Heat generous amount of oil on med fire, fry garlic then add shrimp, fry for about 30 sec. If they seem to be browning too fast, turn to low fire. 

2) Add carrots and fry for a few minutes (till you feel it's semi-soft)

3) Add cabbage and keep frying. Add soya sauce. Continue frying for few minutes. Regulate fire accordingly (e.g. If cabbage is burning then turn lower, if no sizzling sound then turn higher). Befor taking out fry for a while under high fire. 
Note: don't cook too long if you prefer a crunchier taste. Anyway don't cook too long else nutrients are all gone. 

4) Remove from pan and serve. 


The taste is 'healthy' (I.e. plain) because not much sauce was added. If you are on a healthy diet and does not want too much sodium, do it this way. 

Friday, 23 May 2014

Holiday fun at Rasa Sentosa

Well it depends on how you define fun. Going on a 3 night Staycation with two boys and a husband only is definitely more tiring than staying at home.

Just had a quick shower instead of soaking in the bathtub because I was worried that Luis will wake up and cry if he doesn't see him. Now everyone including the husband is sleeping, while I'm killing time sitting next to Luis' baby cot waiting for him to wake up. 

But I can't complain. I haven't spent as much time with Luis as I did with Lucas. For a few periods of time he preferred the helper to put him to bed rather than me. 
I'm guilty of over reliance on the helper. And now it takes more effort to compensate than to build the bonding up from the beginning. 

So it's fun for the boys, literally back breaking for me. And that's why I had two more days leave after the Staycation! 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Starting is always the most difficult...

First time I created my blogger profile was because I needed to ask a question about making a cake.

And then I saw that I can have a blogger profile! To me that is very cool, not something that I imagine myself to do. I mean, I do read some blogs now and then, I do the usual Facebook stuff, but blogging is something of a different level for someone like me.

Well so starting is always the most difficult especially if my IT savvy level is 'Minus one'.
Took 2 weeks to finally get it started today. Took a long time to think of a name too.

So how did Lulumummy come about?
Well because I have two sons, the centre of my very crowded universe, and their names are Lucas and Luis. A friend actually called them the 'Lulu brothers'. What a nice and funny name. So there... it's not exactly easy to find a domain that is available so I am very happy with this.

Lastly I am a working mother, so I am supposed to be working hard at my computer now and not starting a blog.
I'll come back later, and hopefully regularly to vent my random thoughts!