Thursday, 30 October 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 21

Day 21: 29 Oct 2014, Wednesday
I am grateful that:

1) Lucas is showing progress in his year-end concert. In the first year (PN) he was standing at the side. During the concert he did not follow the pace, he danced (or rather jumped) for a littlewhile not according to when he was supposed to do it, and most of the time he was standing on the stage staring at the background and at his shoes. In the second year (N1) he was standing at the back at the side. He was standing there partly also because he missed quite a large part of the rehearsals because he was out sick. He danced through 90% of the performance, movements not the best and not always in tune, but he did. I was super proud! This year Teacher Punitha said he is standing in the first row! At the side but first row nonetheless! I am super looking forward to his concert next week!

2) Luis seems to like me more than the helper these days. Some mothers have no problem being the first person in their children's hearts. I have no problem with Lucas but I had a lot of problems with Luis. Because I have a helper and because I also need to spend time with Lucas, I did not have as much time with Luis. When I come back from work, he would prefer to stick with me and sit at the dining table, or ask me to bring him to see the wheatgrass that we are growing, than playing with my mother in law or the helper. I don't care what you think, but hooray mummy, your hard work pays off!

3) My colleagues are kind enough to eat and commend on my muffins. I do not feel that they are better than those sold outside, but they are very kind to say they are nice, moist, not hard, good enough to be sold etc. I have thin skin, so I really appreciate that they are so nice about it.

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