Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 5

Day 5: 13 Oct 2014, Monday

I am grateful that:

1) My husband is faithful. He just came back from Shanghai and told me about a girl who asked for his contact and sent him sexy photos, which after a while he told her he's married. 

2) My husband and I still go out on dates together. He said he's not working on Tuesday and so I took leave so we can go out for a day together. 

3) I have a mentor, Chew Meng, who has taught me that not everything has to be ruthless in the corporate world. I have a colleague who is not doing so well and at times I get frustrated, but because of Chew Meng I remind myself to be respectful and not be condescending. Many things define a person, working ability is just one, and a very small one. 

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