Saturday, 25 October 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 13

Day 13: 21 Oct 2014, Tuesday

I am grateful that:

1) Tomorrow is Deepavali! It's a nice mid-week break and today will be a less stressful day. 

2) Lucas' childcare has rather good management. It's moving to a further away place. Yet it still remembers to provide school bus for the existing children, albeit only to and fro the stadium. And the new place is really nice. So the management is trying to make the transition a really smooth one so there is not too much stress and unhappiness due to the move. 

3) My helper has decided to renew her contract with us. Even though there are some things which I hope she can be better at, she's at least good at the things that are most important to me - taking very good care of Luis and is a decently honest maid. 

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