Sunday, 12 October 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 4

Day 4: 12 Oct 2014, Sunday

I am grateful that:

1) I have nice and friendly neighbours. Our next door neighbour, Mike, invited us to his birthday bbq tonight. Met Lucas' friend's mummy, Betty, downstairs and we sat by the pool for a nice chatter. 

2) I found someone I can click with very well in Kevan's (Lucas' swimming friend) mummy. Carrie is so nice to talk to, no airs and can talk about anything. And she gave me two bottles of eucalyptus oil and refused that I pay her. This is someone whom I can totally relax and bitch with. 

3) My neighbour invited us to his bbq. I know it sounds like a repeat point, but really it's not. Because the reason I am grateful this time is he saved me from cooking dinner tonight!

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