Sunday, 15 July 2018

A weekend in 2018 July

A weekend in 2018 July
15 July 2018

This is considered a busy Saturday and a usual Sunday.

The boys wake up at 7 plus in the morning as usual and usually we ask them not to disturb us until 8.30am. The children ate chocolate steamed mantous for breakfast and watch OKTO in the living room.

Lucas, or I, have invited two classmates from 2I to our house at 10.30am to play Nerf guns. I woke up at 9am and ordered HonestBee groceries so that we have some drinks and snacks for the guests later.

The friends came and the boys played the nerf guns. Around 12.30pm, the pizza lunch arrived and the boys sat down to lunch. After that his friends left.

Lucas is into badminton and I booked a court from 2-4pm. We rested, packed and changed and then left for Yew Tee CC. The badminton courts here are normally available on Saturdays. Ethan came along this time, so we spent the two hours at the court. Lucas is getting more decent with his service and concientiously practiced. Luis is fooling around and having fun. I hurt my lower back a few weeks back and was still not recovered to properly run about. So I just played minimally with Ethan and KP.

After badminton, we headed home to shower and change. Lucas had to squeeze in his lang3du2 for Tien Hsia class the next day. After that we went to Uncle Poh's house. A few of our friends also gathered there, the main highlight for the night was durian, which was at a low price due to the low demand in the previous month due to Hari Raya. We left around 9.30pm and by the time we washed up and were ready for bed, the boys were really tired and fell asleep fast.

KP dropped us at Tien Hsia for the 9am class. Normally I would drive to and fro but he needed the car today. I went to McDonald's to drink a cup of Cappuccino, then went to NTUC Fairprice to buy fruits. Then I went for my 10am massage at Spaze. My body was really aching for the past week and I had a good back massage.
11am I went to pick the boys up. Usually we will go straight home in the car and pass the car to KP to drive to work. But today we didn't have the car so we did some shopping. 
First we went to Giordano to purchase NDP t-shirts. Our friend, PC, had extra tickets for the preview and we were very excited. Expensive polo t-shirts at $39 each but we purchased them anyway. Next we went to Sketchers to purchase a pair of shoes for Luis. His feet were growing and the Under Armour shoes we bought in December in Sydney were getting too small. He chose a black pair, like Lucas' school shoes. Then we went to Watson's to buy toothpaste because Lucas' toothpaste is finishing. There was a 20% off with minimum $38 spend so we bought loads of toothpaste. And I also let the boys choose a tidbit each. Lucas chose M&Ms and Luis chose Oreo. And finally the boys made a pitstop at Kiddy Palace to look at toys for 5 minutes.

We took the train home. I first gave the boys fruits, which I usually do before lunch. Then I quickly heated up the pizza from yesterday for lunch. Lucas also likes fresh milk with Milo powder so I made a cup each for them. Because the pizza was so small I also let them eat a banana each.
Went down for swimming at 1pm. Lucas has his class at this time. Luis and I played in the pool while waiting for his class at 2pm. Then Lucas and I played in the pool while waiting for Luis to finish. Lucas saw some older children playing with water guns so he went over to join them.
Luis finished his class and together with two other boys, they all went to the rock pool to play. 10min later we went upstairs around 3.40pm. Boys played and showered in the bathtub while I prepared the waffle batter.
Made waffle with the Giant $9.90 waffle maker. Boys ate them with maple syrup given by Eric when he recently came back from New York. Today Luis also ate it with strawberry jam. Then they took their nap. Finally I had time to rest by soaking in the tub and then watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix.

Boys woke up at 6.30pm and I started to prepare dinner. Sunday dinners are always late around 8pm since they are really quite full from tea break. Today I cooked cauliflower fried rice. Usually they take quite long to finish and I gave them 30min to finish with a cane warning.
Now at 9.30pm, Luis is doing his K1 homework while Lucas is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid next to me while I type this out on the computer. Soon they will go to bed around 10pm.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Half boiled eggs

Half boiled eggs
8 July 2018

I  have been eating at least two eggs a day for lunch. Sometimes I also eat them for breakfast. Luis likes half boiled eggs too. One Saturday we were at home and I was going to make the eggs for myself and Luis. I have made them before but I always do not remember how long I'm supposed to put the eggs in the water. And if it comes out too runny then I don't really like them. So here I am, documenting the very simple yet very forgettable steps so I don't have to trial and error each time.

Note: These are for eggs that are at room temperature. I used Seng Choon eggs which are medium sized.

1) Bring a pot of water to boil.
2) When boiled, turn the fire off.
3) Put your eggs into the water and cover for 7 minutes.
4) Remove from the water and crack your eggs

You should get eggs as you see above, where there are no translucent egg whites and the egg yolks are partly runny partly solid.

Enjoy with dark or light soya sauce and a heavy dash of pepper.