Monday, 5 October 2015

Lucas' 5-year old birthday

15 September 2015, Wednesday 10.07pm

I didn't realise that I did not document it. I should still remember. 

It started a few weeks ago with Lucas choosing his cake. He has moved into a Superhero fad stage and he is all about Iron man. I almost ordered a fondant cake from a freelancer with average design and above average price. Luckily my colleague told me that Bengawan Solo offers Avengers cake though 2D. Anyhow I let Lucas choose and he liked the designs. But he wanted to have it for his indoor playground and school celebration! 2 cakes, total damage $170. Heart pain. But ok... Once a year ... a little bit of pain is ok as long as the little boy is happy. 

We celebrated the first one at Happy Willow, same as last year. Lucas chose it. I was happy, because last year it was not very ideal. He was scared off because of the loud whistle and then he didn't get to place his cars on the cake. This year we get a chance to make it good! He even wore the same Captain America costume!

Saturday morning KP and I set off to get the food from Lot One. No catered food this time. 
Then off to Happy Willow at Fusionopolis.   And then as usual the children eat and play, the adults eat and chitchat. Luis was in good spirits too, past the moody phase. He had a super good time!

Then a very successful birthday song singing and cake cutting! Lucas was so happy, after the song he politely turned to me and asked if he can blow out the candles now. I find this moment very special. 

As usual we stayed till late afternoon. 

2nd birthday celebration was at mil's house along with BH. The usual dinner and then cake. It was usual, but I have come not to take such usual things for granted. It's lucky that there is a family who cares enough to do such usual things.

3rd birthday celebration was in school. As one of Lucas' birthday presents, he received an IronMan suit. On the actual birthday he went to school. In the afternoon we brought his suit and the cake and goodie bags to school. Luis came out from his class too to celebrate.

After that we left and went for dinner at Swensens with mil, fil and BL. It has become a tradition because the birthday kid gets a free firehouse ice-cream.

All in all, a happy birthday for the little boy this year :)

What can I pray for you?

5th October 2015, Monday, 9.17am:

This morning after the boys went off in the school bus, I was sitting in the car at the stadium doing my makeup as usual. A man came near to look at the car and I was wondering is it because he thought I was parked in the disabled lot and wanted to give me a piece of his mind.

He came to my window with a smile, I wound down the window and he said something unexpected. He introduced himself and then asked if there's anything he can pray for me. He said God sometimes gives him vision and two days ago he had one, where he saw a woman in a white car and short hair. I was skeptical of course and I said no, there's nothing that I am asking for. He stayed outside the window and said a prayer to God to keep me safe.

I don't know if this is true of course. The first reaction was to be skeptical. But then I wanted it to be true. I got out of my car and thanked him. I can choose to think it's a scam or I can choose to think it's true. I choose the latter. It made my day, what this man did. I am this kind of person, naïve. And I like to think the better of situations.

When the man asked me the question, two things came to mind. My next career move, and my mother. I want to know if she is happy. But I didn't ask for it because it was very abrupt. Now there is a teeny tinge of regret. But just so teeny tiny. Because my Buddhism belief tells me to be grateful, that someone prays for me to be safe is already a very generous act. How can I ask for more.

So thank you, Dylan (I think that's his name). You made my day.

Friday, 2 October 2015

I still miss you, Ma

2 Oct 2015, Friday 8.15pm

I still do. I thought of you when I was jogging. Thought of how you suffered in hospital. I cried, because I thought of what you went through. I tried to be rational, that life for you is better than when you were in the hospital. But I still felt sad. Unexplainable. 
I wish you can hear me. I wish to know you are happy now. I still can't let go. Losing you is so hard.