Sunday, 26 October 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 16

Day 16: 24 Oct 2014, Friday

I am grateful that:

1) I have a manager who was very tough on me. I suffered for two years, weaving in and out of low self esteem and prolonged stress and unhappiness. Gradually I learnt to buck up and while some things are not going well in my team, I learnt to take it in my stride. Specifically, this morning I received an email from my manager, in short, telling me my team member screwed up big time in a project and asking me why. In the past I would immediately feel it's my fault and I slipped big time because I did not prevent the screw up and I would feel guilty and useless. When I see my boss I'll be super guilt-striken. But instead I was calm and asked about what happened, and I replied my manager that I will follow up on it and revert. I also do not feel overly responsible for it. I will have to solve it of course, but without the guilt. So thank you manager, in a weird sort of way, you helped me to mature. 

2) My in-laws are thoughtful people. Even though we send them home on most nights, they do not always expect us to do it. As usual tonight my husband is working. I was supposed to bring Bobby to subcut but Lucas waited very long to build his giant Lego house so I decided to bring Bobby tomorrow instead. My in laws graciously offered to go back on their own so I can spend time with the boys. 

3) I made the right decision to stay home and build the Lego house with the boys. We had a good quality time together and they super enjoyed playing in the house! Until Lucas decided to bring the iPad out.  (Well he still enjoyed watching it in the house...)

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