Sunday, 26 October 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 17

Day 17: 25 Oct 2014, Saturday

I am grateful that:

1) Lucas is not aversed to all vegetables. This morning we went to a coffeeshop for breakfast. There was a durian roll dish that came with some green leafy garnish (tasted like mint) and he asked if he could eat it. I said of course and he put it in his mouth. Luckily before he heard daddy's friend say 'do you dare to?'. He liked it and finished the rest! Kinda weird, I wouldn't normally eat it, but good for Lucas!

2) I remember how to make a mean ondeh ondeh. I followed a recipe once, recorded it on my iPhone but lost the notes when my iPhone was spoilt. I've been meaning to try out again so I could document the recipe. Today I did it while the boys were napping and it turned out very well!

3) Lucas is a very good boy today. I enjoy spending time with him. Tonight we went to our friend's place for dinner. He cooperated and had his soup quickly, ate his dinner on his own and played happily. Before he fell asleep I told him that I am very proud of him because of his good behaviour. 

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