Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 10

Day 10: 18 Oct 2014, Saturday 

It is now getting harder and harder to be disciplined and record everyday. Today is already Tuesday! Nevertheless...

I am grateful that:

1) There is a nice vegetable farm near our house. We went there to feed the fishes, goats, bought vegetables for eating and seeds for growing. We had a really relaxing and enjoyable morning, and still in time for Luis to nap at 1pm. 

2) Luis had a good 3-hour uninterrupted nap and Lucas did not take too long to fall asleep too. I had an hour plus to experiment with a a steamed orange cake. Well it was a disaster, it looked so ugly and tasted so bad that I could not stand to take a picture and I threw it away! 

3) We met our friends and their kiddos for dinner, followed by animal rides which was the highlight of the night. Lucas was a little apprehensive at first and daddy had to ride with him, but after one round he was confident to go in his own. Luis was very excited from the beginning. We managed to get a monkey, his fav animal, which he calls 'ah ah'. And later when Lucas rode with Luis I was very grateful for their brotherly relationship.

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