Thursday, 30 October 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 20

Day 20: 28 Oct 2014, Tuesday

I am grateful that:

1) My husband is fillial (even though hot tempered!). When bringing Bobby to the vet I brought along both sons, and still wanted to send my in-laws back (husband is driving). There were not enough seats to be comfortable. My in-laws offered to take the bus.We left for the vet, my husband on the way complaining I shouldn't have brought Luis, that Lucas is not being easy, blah blah blah. But at the same time he kept thinking that we shouldn't have allowed his parents to have to walk so much. So he went back to pick them up from the bus stop and sent them home.

2) Bobby ate his dinner tonight after I stirred the food and gave it to him again. His appetite is getting worse, I also don't know if it's due to old age, therefore bad teeth. Or he doesn't like the food, or he just generally does not feel well. It is common that he only eats a meal a day because he gets so hungry that he just decides to eat it. These few days he is eating less than that. I am grateful that at 16 years old, he is considered a relatively healthy dog. Tonight he slept in a funny position, reminds me of many times when he was younger where he did many funny things that my husband and I will often ask each other to look at and also talk about.

3) We had a short fun time making wheatgrass juice tonight. We didn't have a juicer, so we had to blend it. Lucas was very excited to cut it. Husband quickly blended it with honey, then we drank the juice. Luis had a spoon and did not want anymore. Lucas took quite a few spoons. It was fun nonetheless!

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