Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 12

Day 12: 20 Oct 2014, Monday

I am grateful that:

1) I did not go out for lunch today. Because I brought vegetables and eggs yet I was tempted to go out for lunch. At the last minute I somehow managed to say 'no' when Jiuyu asked if I'm going for lunch. 

2) One of the helpers whom I shortlisted was considering working for me, and my current helper Anna is also considering renewing her contract. Therefore I am not stressed at all with regards to securing a helper. 

3) I spent a nice 10 minutes with Lucas at Limbang. He was a very good boy, we quickly bought his toothbrush and toothpaste and we left. He thought of his brother too, and he wanted to buy a set for him as well. When we passed by the toy shop he wanted to see toys but I said we will be late to pick daddy, he nicely said 'all right' and moved on promptly. 

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