Thursday, 30 October 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 18

Day 18: 26 Oct 2014, Sunday
I am grateful that:

1) Lucas is an energetic boy. We left at the house at before 9am to go to his first piano class (which will not be continued because he doesn't listen to the teacher's instructions!), then to Chinese class, then to swimming, then a nap and then dinner at grandparents' house. The energy of small kids!

2) Luis is getting more interesting to spend time with. While Lucas was napping, he woke up and I let him play a little with the batter of my steamed lemon cupcakes that I was preparing.

3) Every night before Lucas falls asleep we have a good night ritual. He always wants to be the first to say it. If he doesn't want to close his eyes and seriously try to sleep yet then he won't say it. And if he is ready to sleep then he must say this before he falls asleep. I treasure it very much:
Lucas: "I say first. Good night mummy."
Me: "Good night baby."
Lucas: "I love you mummy."
Me: I love you baby."

Occasionally he will also say "Mummy hug me", so I will put my arm around him for a little while.

I once read an article about treasuring all these little actions because each time it can be the last time that it is happening. Perhaps the next day they will decide to be independent and not want to do it anymore. 


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