Monday, 10 November 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 29

Day 29: 6 Nov 2014, Thursday

This is the third time I tried to write this and I can hardly remember the day. Let's see...

I am grateful that:

1) Lucas is still a happy little boy. The shower gel ran out and so I filled it with water for him to pump out the water. He pretended it is a petrol pump and was happy playing with it for two days. It's a blessing to be so easily satisfied and happy with the little things in life. 

2) I was able to get out of the house 30 minutes later today and I spend some minutes drawing trains with Luis. He sat on my lap and asked me to draw three trains. Very precious quality time in the morning. 

3) I have a corridor outside my home that I can use as a paint area for the boys and clean easily. The boys had a wonderful time messing up!

Ok all these didn't happen last Thursday. It was yesterday and today but it doesn't matter ;)

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