Saturday, 8 November 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 27

Day 27: 4 Nov 2014, Tuesday

I am grateful that:

1) I can always turn to my husband when I am down. Every time I talk to my HR she only has negative things to say about me. This time I told her that I know I have much to improve but I also feel that I have improved a fair bit in the past two years. She said no. Anyway the gist is, she doesn't think well of me. I came back and told my husband, he was very angry about it. He gave me support to tell her and my boss a piece of my mind and if worse comes to worse, quit and find another job even if it's lower pay. The support itself was enough to bolster me up. And after talking to him I feel more self worth and how to deal with people and happier. 

2) My husband and I are good partners in our family. He brought Bobby to the vet because I was late coming back. Even though he grumbled that he was tired when he came back, he did it nonetheless. 

3) Lucas seemed to have grasped the idea of '+1' means moving on to the next number and vice versa for '-1'. I decided to take out the dot bar tonight and taught simple recognition to Luis and after he went to his room for bedtime, to teach Lucas addition. He was actually quite happy when he got it. H needs encouragement that he's doing well, and then he will try harder. Keep it up Lucas!

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