Saturday, 8 November 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 28

Day 28: 5 Nov 2014, Wednesday 

I am grateful that:

1) My colleague can still have lunch with me without being awkward after I gave him bad feedback about his performance. I feel relief that he is not overly stressed by it. After all he is already coming to 60 next year, if I have a choice I would not want to inflict a bad memory on his last years at Philips. 

2) My new Quality head does not seem to be as political as my other colleague feels he may be. Today we were discussing about my section taking on a certain role. My colleague felt he will want to take it up because he wants to bolster his department and as a result my section may gradually seem redundant. But in our discussion he was instead supportive of my section taking the role up. I hope he's really not political, and not two-faced such that I'm tricked. Then again I'm naive at times. I don't like to have to spend useless energy worrying about others taking advantage or fighting me instead of putting it to good use to improve our competence. 

3) Once again I can rely on my mil. I called her 25 min before the childcare closed and she helped me to pick Lucas up and even brought him back to my home. And she did all these without grumbling and even told me to feel free to call her again next time I cannot make it in time. These days I tell myself to be more grateful and not take my in laws for granted. Without them, especially my mil, we would be having a tough time. 

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