Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 24

Day 24: 1 Nov 2014, Friday

I am grateful that:

1) KP and I are not overly protective parents. This morning we went to breakfast with our friends. I took out a pack of papers and scissors and Luis started using it. I didn't think much of it until our friend was surprised and told me that her husband doesn't allow their daughter to use scissors for fear of her hurting herself. On the other hand we let our children experience things as much as we can. Frankly it's also sometimes due to our ignorance of potential danger!

2) We got an early chance to discover that Lucas is not good in maths. In his Heguru worksheets done in class the mathematics part is often blank or filled in only a few. I should make use of the time now to help him with it instead of wait until he goes to primary school. 

3) We had a nice time at dinner. It was a simple dinner at Lot One food court. We ordered pizza, Lucas was happy, ate on his own and ate a lot. Luis went with me to buy Yong Tau Foo. Luis enjoyed his dinner too. Both boys did not misbehave and we finished our dinner happily. KP did not see the happiness of it and I had to explain it to him. Appreciate the little things in life :)

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