Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Gratitude Challenge Day 26

Day 26: 3 Nov 2014, Monday 

I am grateful that:

1) I still have a good friendship with my NTU friends. I knew Indri from NTU, we were in the same classes during our first year, after that we went into different specialties. But we have gatherings, not often but every time we meet it's nice and easy to talk. Today she came to my office to get some Avent stuff from me, we have a nice 20 minutes bitching standing in the lobby. Totally enjoyed it. Don't take friendship for granted! I learnt it the hard way with some friends that I regretted not putting more effort in maintaining. 

2) The talk with my colleague went not too badly. It sucks to deliver bad news, sucks even more to receive it. Of course he doesn't recognise it, so I was lucky to have noted down examples. It's not going to be easy going forward, but for now I'm just grateful for no animosity between us. As usual I'll have to give him space and not join lunches for a while. 

3) Lucas is kind hearted. We entered the lift and it looked like an uncle is also coming in. The lift door was closing and Lucas  rushed to press the door open button. Good boy. 

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