Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Where mama, boo!

Luis is at an adorable age now, 2 years old. I try to recall Lucas at 2 years old and I cannot remember exactly how he was. I can only remember that he was starting to be good and interesting company.

A few nights ago I was putting Luis to bed as usual. He was talking and wanting to play as usual. One of the games we played before is I will wrap my fingers around the vertical railings of his baby cot, and I will say "up" and inch up the railing. And then when I reached the top I will say "down!" as I moved my hand down quickly. It's really very simple and boring but it delights him. Such that he makes his signature laugh.
This night I played a few times and then stopped because I really want him to fall asleep.

Then he invented another game. He used his cloth and covered his face. Then he said, "Where mama?", and then "boo!". He sounded so cute with his piece-meal English and cutie toddler voice. And then he passed the cloth to me and said "mama try, mama try!".

I wanted to write this down because I know I will forget it soon. And I want to constantly remind myself to spend quality happy time with my children. Don't always scold them! Children are meant to be slow and talkative and happy! While they can still 'recover' fast, change this behavior. Do not regret it when one day the children do not want to do things with me because they have formed a wall in their mind that mama always scolds them.

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