Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Conversations with Lucas

About Bobby playing fetch
Me: Bobby is old now so he doesn't play with the ball anymore.
Lucas: Does Bobby play with the ball when he was new?
ah... opposite of 'old' is 'new'...

Lucas, 4.5 years

Bobby in hospital - 2015 Jan
Bobby had a seizure on a day that I had to fly to UK for a CLT. Before going to the airport we dropped by to visit him. I cried a lot again, then went for dinner then went back to the car which was parked outside the hospital. 

As we walked past the hospital:
Lucas: Mummy do you miss Bobby?
Me: Yes. 
Silence... Thought he will say more...
Me: Why do you think mummy will miss Bobby?
Lucas: Because you don't want him to stay in the hospital. 

Lucas, 4.5 years old

100 French fries - 2015 Feb
Lucas likes to use '100' in his sentences. 

Me: Did you finish the ice-cream today?
Lucas: Yes!
Me: Whaattt?
Lucas: I also ate 100 French fries. 姑姑 took the chilli and I took the chetchkup ("ketchup"). (Ok it wasn't said so nicely but I can't remember the long gibberish words that were used.)

Lucas, 4.5 years old

Toys do not equate love
This is actually told to my husband.

Well done baby. 

Lucas, 4.5 years old

Wearing socks
I was in the shower and Lucas came outside the door and called me:
Lucas: Mummy
Me: Yes baby
Lucas: I wore one sock on my own. 
Me: Very good baby. 
And then he was gone, wearing the second sock probably. 

Sometimes it's necessary to remind yourself that these seemingly little things are considered milestones for children. I record it here not because he wore a sock on his own but because I could lead feel he was very proud and wanted to quickly share it with me. 

Lucas, 4 years 11 months
2015 July 11

Massage chair for mommy
Lucas' birthday was coming soon.
Ah Ma: 你的生日要什么礼物?
Lucas: 我按摩椅.
Ah Ma:  按摩椅? 为什么按摩椅?
Lucas: 因为妈妈常常背痛.

Lucas, 4 years 11 months
2015 July

I miss you mummy
I was sorting out the toys at night with the boys in Lucas' room, in an attempt to get them to give away some toys because the house is too messy. Luis went to bed after a while and Lucas was playing with some toys on the bed. I was sorting in progress when...

Lucas: Actually I missed you when you took the aeroplane to buy Hanuta.
He was referring to my business trip to Europe 2 months ago.
Lucas: When I showed you SG50 (frankly I don't remember...) and then you showed us the Hanutas and Luis said "too much Hanuta...".

Lucas is a sensitive boy, I appreciate that he expresses his feelings to me. Hopefully he will stay this way as he grows up. And of course I felt so touched.

Lucas, 4 years 11 months
2015 August 2nd, Sunday night 9.30pm

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