Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Mummy do you want to see bags and shoes?

The day before, a Monday, I decided to take leave at the last minute. I worked in the morning and then I went shopping in the afternoon. When I passed by the Charles & Keith shoe shop, I remember the first time I came to this shop I was with Lucas. My husband was looking at watches and I wanted to look at shoes. I brought Lucas with me into the shop, half thinking that I will not enjoy my time inside because Lucas will be bored.

However... he was a very good sport. He was not bored and he was in a happy mood. He was almost interested in what colours of shoes I wanted to buy. It created a nice memory for me. The first time I went bags and shoes shopping with Lucas.

Some months later, I cannot remember when, we must have been passing by such a shop again. And Lucas asked, "Mummy, do you want to see bags and shoes?". And he said it in a very happy chirpy way.

So that day when I went past Charles & Keith, I remember my sweet Lucas.

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