Sunday, 11 January 2015

When my dog of 16 years got a stroke

It was terrible. My husband called me and said something is wrong with Bobby, he could not stand up. I heard him shrieking over the phone and I immediately drove home from work. 

When I saw my husband carrying him, he was trembling and his eyes could barely open. Brought him to the vet and found out he had a stroke. Probably because he was too stressed by the grooming he had that day. He was so tired he slept on my lap and immediately when we reached home. But around midnight he woke up. He could not breathe well, going into a high pitch breathing sound every few minutes so I had to carry him or change his position. He also refused to drink or eat. Eventually he fell asleep in my lap around 2-3am, I put him in his bed and he carried on sleeping. By this time I already cried buckets, he was suffering so much that I told Bobby to go already to heaven. I slept on the couch so I could watch him. Luckily he slept soundly till 5.30am. But 10min after I went to my bed he tilted his head backwards and could not turn back so I had to help him. I took the morning off so j could force feed him through the syringe and then monitor him. At that point I thought it was still a possibility to put him to sleep that evening. 

However Bobby got better! When my husband reached home he told me Bobby could stand and walk a few steps! We were both happy. Brought him to the vet for checking and subcut. He was still generally not well, not alert and he shrieked during subcut too. 

When we got home he went to drink water! Another progress! But he still doesn't want to eat, but there was no more wheezing so it's a good sign. 

Day 3 we didn't was Saturday but we didn't make plans so we can spend time with Bobby. Could walk more steadily but still did not want to eat. So I had to force feed him again. There was some trembling and I was concerned but he quickly fell asleep. Subsequently he slept almost all day and all night. 

Day 4, I guess the sleep was good because he took the apple that I offered him! Hope he can eat on his own today. 

Very hectic week with two resignations and one new scope, but this was the most stressful. I'm glad that Bobby is turning around quickly, hopefully he gets back to being a happy dog. You are a fighter Bobby. 

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