Sunday, 19 March 2017


I have been very frustrated with my elder son. He gets irritated easily by his brother, by things not going his way, by his requests not being met. This translates to unhappiness and complaints. 

Now I love my children. Very much. Like to smell their stinky hair much and sleep with them while they are sick much. But his behaviour has been making my husband and I very frustrated with him. 

So I thought for many days to find the root cause. At least all that training at work paid off here. 
And it dawned on me, that perhaps he's been too used to getting his own ways and when things don't go his way he feels it's unfair. All these is because we have been treating him too well. 

慈母多败儿 - good mothers can do harm to your child. I would never have thought that I will be in this situation. But I think this is it. If he continues this way he will live his life unhappily. We shall have to fix this while we can. 

From today onwards, everyday he will have to write three things that he is grateful for. I hope this helps him to see things differently. I'm not even sure that his works. I'm hoping very hard that it will. 

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