Wednesday, 22 March 2017

French toast

French toast

I have been thinking about my mother's French toast. Hers is usually sweet but not all pieces are equally sweet and you can't tell which are the good ones. So I will keep eating till I get a good one. Not good for the waist. 
Lucas likes the French toast at Fun Toast but it's expensive. Two slices for $3. I can't bring myself to pay regularly for that. Plus I don't like French toast that are covered with egg outside but you can still see the white bread inside. Soak it through man...
French toast can be easy. According to my brother, my mother uses egg and sugar only. But my recipe below is an 'over-thought-out' one. Just tweak it the way you want! Add less, add more, go crazy... make your signature French toast. Here's mine. 


Makes 3-4 super-soaked-through-with-egg slices. 

3 eggs
1/4 cup of milk
2 tablespoons of sugar
Dash of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence 

1) Put all ingredients into a big bowl that allows you to dip your bread easily later. 


2) Beat the mixture till throughly mixed. 

3) If you like you can cut your bread first. It's fun for children, even if they butchered the bread you can still dip them. No wastage. 


4) Get a flat base pan, use low heat and add oil. Without oil the bread burns too fast. 


5) Dip your bread. This is the step that determines how much you want to soak your bread. I dip each slice just before putting onto the pan. 


6) Drop the bread into the pan. Or put gently and close to the pan, it's safer :)


7) Fry till, well, you know, when it looks like cooked French toast the way you like it. Mine are usually abit burned. Add oil between slices as and when needed. 

8) Enjoy on its own or with butter and honey. 

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