Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Luis’ 2nd birthday

Took me 3 months to write about this. First it was laziness, then it was resource crunch at work due to a couple of people leaving, then it was mother being admitted to hospital and still is in hospital now. In the office now and there is network down so work cannot be done. Decided to do some ‘well-being’ brain stuff.
This year I managed to think ahead instead of being caught off-guard that his birthday ‘suddenly’ arrived. Luis still likes monkeys very much, especially the monkey soft toy that Daddy bought for him. So we had a monkey themed party.
As usual we invited our friends and their children over to our house, (I hope) they had a blast of a time at our house. Even our bedroom looked like the tornado struck, I didn’t dare look at it anymore after the first look, so I assumed they had plenty of fun. Not to mention the other rooms.
We also had a celebration with Daddy’s side of family. The usual dinner followed by birthday cake. Luis enjoyed his cakes very much at this period. I brought him to Four Leaves at Yew Tee and let him choose his cake. It wasn’t easy! Which kid at 2 year old can make up their mind without changing it? So in the end he ‘chose’ his cake with my preference – it was a strawberry shortcake which turned out to be surprisingly nice.
For his actual birthday it was a weekday. Lucas got to skip childcare that day. We brought both boys to take the duck tour followed by the Singapore flyer. Then we went to Swensens! They give a free ice-cream of 5 flavours to the birthday kid with a candle, we did it once with Lucas and we thought it was very nice. So we went to Bukit Panjang Plaza’s Swensens. Both boys had a good time.
Finally we went home for naps. In the evening we had a small single portion cake for Luis with birthday song in our house. Cake was shared by the brothers. And that is the start of Luis’ 2nd year J

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