Thursday, 1 September 2016

My birthday

Is today. 

As I get older birthdays become less elaborate. Presents become a thing of the past. Expectations should therefore moderate downwards. Otherwise the higher the expectations the higher the disappointment. 

So birthdays should be a time to be grateful. 

I am grateful for two wonderful children. When I came home this evening both boys were so excited to see me and shouted 'happy birthday mummy!' That really brightened up my day. 

I am grateful for my health. This year I had a scare with the hard lump in my breast. So I am grateful that it was nothin more than a scare. I turn 37 today and I shall make a resolution to take good care of my health consciously. My children need me. 

I am grateful for my job. I have a good manager who trusts me, a good environment that's not political and it has wonderful work life balance! It pays well too so on my birthday I can buy myself a present to make myself happy. 

I am grateful for my support system. I have wonderful in laws who help me everyday selflessly. And I have a wonderful helper whom I count myself extremely lucky to find. 

Everything is peaceful. So I am grateful. Happy birthday to me. 

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