Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Sucks to dismiss people

Totally sucks. I know it is worse for the person I am dismissing and I am not saying at all that what I feel is worse. But I just want to voice out, not to seek any understanding or sympathy from others, that this sucks.

I'm like a jerk. Upsetting other people's life and emotions. The other person is pissed. Of course will be pissed. If it's me of course I will be the same.

How do you gauge if you are doing what's right? What's right within what circle? In the circle of your managerial responsibility to the organization? Or in the circle of life in general?

Some might say this is what you have to do as a manager. Your responsibility is towards the organization.
But I remember a story of a fellow colleague. That she dismissed someone and she thought it was all amiable but the next week she came to know that he committed suicide. How do you live with this?

I don't want to live with such things. I don't want to give another dismissal if I can help it. Enough with it.

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