Thursday, 20 August 2015

Lucas at 5 years old

20th August 2015, Thursday, 10.53pm lying in bed with all lights off and Lucas sleeping next to me. 

When Lucas is approaching this age, I start to see him display some non-child characteristics. He can be meaner, deliberating hitting his brother when he fully knows it's wrong, saying things to make his brother cry (fav is "no mummy carry for you"), or just some hand gestures that are more stylo than cute. 

But he's still by and large a sweet little boy. He still loves his cloth and sleeps with one at night. At times he still puts his arm across my shoulder when he sleeps. He still enjoys playing with cars and trains and can become very engrossed in it. And best of all he's still a happy go lucky little boy. 

For some reason yesterday I felt that my baby is really starting to grow up and starting to leave boyhood. For the first time I told him a heartfelt 'Happy birthday'. First time not because I haven't said it to him before but because he could start to show that he can feel the happiness of being wished. Hb seems to feel so too, I guess he was listening in when driving. Soon after he asked Lucas to follow him to Limbang so he can buy a toy for him. I did not object, it's his birthday and daddy also wants to show his love and do some bonding with him. 

I love you Lucas. So much that I do not know if you will ever realise how much. Perhaps one day when you are a daddy you will understand. Grow up all
You want but importantly stay happy and healthy and kind forever. 

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