Sunday, 14 June 2015

Visited mother today

14 June 2015 Sunday

Today is 三七。
Visited mother with sister, Lucas and Ah Yee. Felt strangely happy to visit her. 
Actually the reason for the visit is not because of 三七. It's because I miss her. 

Sister bought all the goodies. I gave mother a muffin that I baked the night before. At the end of the visit we brought Ah Yee  for lunch at Tim Ho Wan. 
Bitter sweet feeling. 

Today I fly to Europe for test house visits. Felt strangely laid back. Brought back pack instead of feminine shoulder back. No heels, not even kitten ones. Forgot to bring Ang Bao from in laws. Feeling fat. Nothing's going very well. I still miss mother. Not so painful now. But still missing mother. 

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