Thursday, 25 June 2015

Chrysanthemum tea

There are two ways to make it. Either steep the dried flowers in hot water or boil them. From young my mother has always boiled them. And it's the concentrated type and slightly bitter too, which I learnt from Internet is because it has been boiled too long. So even though it seems like a rather simple drink to prepare, I always need to google how to prepare it because I do not do it often. And I always end up not being sure how much flowers to put and making it too bitter. Therefore I'm documenting it now. 

Dried chrysanthemum flowers
Rock sugar 

1) Use approximately 1 (chrysanthemum) : 10 (water) ratio

2) Wash the chrysanthemum flowers

3) Put chrysanthemum and water in pot. Turn on stove to start boiling. I used medium to high heat so it's faster. 

4) Turn off the stove within 5-10 minutes after it starts boiling. 

5) Add rock sugar to taste. 

When it's a hot day I like to chill it before giving it to the children. Enjoy. 

Update 27 July 2015:
I boiled chrysanthemum tea again on Saturday. This time it was not bitter. So if you prefer the non-bitter taste, do the below instead:

After step 1 and 2:

3) Boil the pot of water. After it comes to a boil, turn off the fire.

4) Pour the chrysanthemum flowers into the pot and cover it. Remove the flowers after 5 min.

Continue with step 5.

This is not part of the recipe but I just wanted to document it:

On Sunday after we came home from Ah Ma's house in the afternoon, I sat down with the children at the dining table to chill over some cold chrysanthemum tea. It was a simple and nice bonding time. We finished the whole jug of tea, mostly by the boys. I enjoy such times, sit around the table and spending time with each other, even if it's talking nonsense or fooling around. Stay like this, boys.

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