Friday, 29 May 2015

It's over

This morning was the funeral. And we picked the bones in the afternoon.

Slept on and off for two hours when I reached home. It's usually worse when I just wake up. A dull ache in my heart. Tears ready to spring out.

Now it's over. I don't need to check my phone when I wake up to see if there is a bad update about my mother. I have received the call that I always prepared myself for. Without even realising it. 

My mother is gone. So fast, it happened on Monday night. Today is Friday night. It feels so long ago. But it only happened this week. On Monday my mother was still around. I was still planning to visit her on Tuesday. Today I don't need to spend my thoughts worrying about her on and off anymore. 

This dull aching...what do I do?

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