Saturday, 30 May 2015


It's 10.54pm now and I'm lying on the bed with Nichole in my mother's house. Today is the 7th day, according to Chinese customs my mother will come back tonight. 

At first I was scared to come back. Then my brother in law wrote the below:

Then I truly understood. She's my mother. There's nothing to be scared of. So I decided to come and stay overnight.

We prepared this for her:

Pig trotter vinegar cooked by my brother. Her fav chicken rice from clementi. Other home cooked food we had today. Mother has a sweet tooth. Even after she had diabetes she still loves durian so of course we need to have it. My brother said before she had diabetes there were always soft drinks in the fridge. Now she doesn't have to worry so we bought Sprite for her. I used to go NTUC with her often when I was young. And she always liked to buy the chocolate bars at the counter. So my brother bought kitkat. And finally kitkat. 

We also cleared her room of the hospital memories. No more medication, Jevity, commode, walking frame. Only happy memories. We made her bed the usual mess that it was in. 

Hopefully my mother will come into my dreams and we can have the chitchat that we didn't have. 

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