Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Lucas, a good elder brother (at times)

When Lucas is not busy fighting or snatching toys or bullying Luis, he sometimes shows his 'good elder brother' side.

One time he was staying at home because of HFMD in school (I guess that puts him in a good mood. Yea! No school!). I was leaving home for work when Luis started crying. Lucas came and did 3 good-brother things.

First he told me, "You haven't sayang Luis!". So I did that.
Then he pep-talked Luis, "Luis, Mummy has to go to work.".
Luis was still crying, so he said "Luis, you see..." and proceeded to make a funny face at him.

Well I pretty much forgot if it worked, I didn't think it did but I was so proud of my Lucas.


One day we were at Jarett's house and Luis did something that caused Jarett to gently scold him. Then Lucas told Jarett, "Don't scold Luis."
Well in fact Lucas told me this many times when I scold Luis too.
Seems like the bullying and scolding can only be done by him....

At the end of one of the swimming sessions at the pool.

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