Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Guilt-free Cajun chicken fried vegetables

Husband is on a quest to lose weight. And he said 'no carbs'! And I was in a mood for Cajun chicken so here goes the healthy and delicious Cajun chicken cum vegetables dinner we had on Sunday.

Serves 5.

Roughly 5 chicken fillets (I just used 1 pack bought from ntuc), cut to pieces 

1 yellow capsicum, diced
1 red capsicum, diced
Handful of cherry tomatoes, diced

5-6 long beans, diced
3/4 of a big onion
Handful of bean sprouts (cos I had some left)

1/2 cauliflower, diced
3/4 bowl quinoa

6-7 garlic cloves, diced

Sesame oil (optional, else just use more oil)
Light soya sauce


1) Season chicken with dash of light soya sauce and pepper and Cajun powder. Careful not to use too much soya sauce cos Cajun powder has salt. 

2) Add 3/4 bowl of water to quinoa in a small pot and bring to boil. Then turn to low heat and simmer till water is dried out. 
Note: usually you add double the water, but here I want the quinoa to absorb the liquid from the vegetables. 

3) In a pan on low-med heat, add oil and 1/3 of garlic. Turn to low heat. Stir fry, then add tomatoes. Let juice come out (~3-4 min) then add capsicums. Stir fry then close lid to simmer for 2min, more juice will come out. 

4) Add quinoa to pan and simmer for 3min so it can absorb the juices. Then off heat and keep lid closed. 

5) In another pan at low-med heat, add oil and garlic and stir fry. Add chicken and stir fry, not constantly so that chicken can brown on the sides. Remove from pan when cooked. 

6) In a large wok on low heat, add oil and remaining garlic and stir-fry. Add onions and fry till almost soft. 

7) Add bean sprouts, fry, add long beans. Add a dash of light soya sauce. 

8) Add cauliflower, add a few swirls of sesame oil,  stir fry. 

9) Add vegetable and quinoa mixture. Stir fry. 

10) Add chicken. Stir fry. Add some light soya sauce to taste (maybe 2-3 tablespoons). 

11) Off heat and serve!

It may still be soggy if vegetables has more sauce than the quinoa can absorb. Mine was soggy cos I didn't let the quinoa absorb, so try step 4 and see how it is. 

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