Sunday, 8 July 2018

Half boiled eggs

Half boiled eggs
8 July 2018

I  have been eating at least two eggs a day for lunch. Sometimes I also eat them for breakfast. Luis likes half boiled eggs too. One Saturday we were at home and I was going to make the eggs for myself and Luis. I have made them before but I always do not remember how long I'm supposed to put the eggs in the water. And if it comes out too runny then I don't really like them. So here I am, documenting the very simple yet very forgettable steps so I don't have to trial and error each time.

Note: These are for eggs that are at room temperature. I used Seng Choon eggs which are medium sized.

1) Bring a pot of water to boil.
2) When boiled, turn the fire off.
3) Put your eggs into the water and cover for 7 minutes.
4) Remove from the water and crack your eggs

You should get eggs as you see above, where there are no translucent egg whites and the egg yolks are partly runny partly solid.

Enjoy with dark or light soya sauce and a heavy dash of pepper.

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