Monday, 7 December 2015

A Saturday in 2015 December

5th December 2015, Saturday:

Lucas: 5 years 4 months old
Luis: 1 more month to 3 years old

Saturday morning
Both children wake up around 7.30am as usual. This week the Para Asean Games is taking place in Singapore. We decided to go watch the swimming event together with Bee Leng. 

Ate peanut butter and jam bread at home, left the house around 9am. Bee Leng was not ready so we went to the coffee shop near our house for KP's breakfast. The children drank Milo while we were there.

Picked Bee Leng up from the bus-stop and then drove to OCBC Aquatic Centre. It was the medal-giving ceremony when we arrived, Luis kept asking me "Where are the persons swimming?". We stood up for a few national anthems and then finally the competition resumed. Watched for about 30min and then KP wanted to leave for lunch.

Saturday afternoon
Drove to Chinatown because I seemed to have hurt my back since 2 weeks ago. First stop was the dessert shop because KP is currently obsessed with steamed milk pudding. We ordered a few desserts. Surprisingly Lucas likes the steamed egg with ginger. Luis started with the gingko nut but quickly changed his favourite to the 杨枝甘露.

Walked to People's Park and I had my back massage. Smelling full of ointment, headed to the hawker with 永祥興豆腐 that KP likes. He queued for that for 30minutes I think, Bee Leng went to get carrot cake and I ordered 3 large coconuts. But the boys did not eat the food, so I went to buy Bunny Bread for them. Lucas devoured 4 small chocolate buns and Luis ate 2. After lunch KP bought a thermos flask at the pasar malam and then we headed back to the car to go home.

While in the car Lucas said he wanted to swim when we reached home but (luckily) it was raining. So upon reaching home, I put Luis to bed (our maid was on her off day) and KP put Lucas to bed. After Luis slept I went to the living room and made myself a peanut butter and jam sandwich and watched TV, a little hungry since I did not eat much for lunch. Lucas did not fall asleep and came out. After some TV watching he went to our bedroom and we 'forced' him to sleep.

Nearing dinner time and I was not in the mood to cook. Texted Bee Leng and we decided to eat dinner outside. Settled on Junction 10. As it was Christmas season, there was a teacup carousel outside and the boys were interested in it. Found out that I need to spend $50 to redeem one ride. Reached Junction 10, the boys had one zoomoov ride together, went for dinner and then I went to Giant to purchase $50 worth so as to get another $50 spend to redeem the teacup ride.

After Giant, we enjoyed two more rides. Bee Leng with Luis first. Lucas was very happy to follow them on foot and 'guided' where to go.
Then Lucas and me. At first Luis didn't want to join us but he was disappointed when we went far and so he and Bee Leng chased after us. Hit me on my back because he was angry. Quickly put him behind Lucas and the three of us rode together. Super fun. After the ride we sent Bee Leng back and then went home.

Upon reaching home, did the usual shower, milk, brush teeth. Luis said "I want mummy let me sleep", so I put him to bed. He fell asleep rather fast and then I went to sleep with Lucas. After that, nearly 11pm, I went back to my room, surfed Qoo10 and facebook for a while and then went to sleep too.

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