Sunday, 7 December 2014

Travelling makes the heart grow fonder

Of everything it seems. It never gets old. I was supposed to fly on Friday night but I came down with fever on Thursday. So I postponed my flight to Sunday. 

These two extra days were so precious, not that other days aren't, but knowing that I'll miss my family for a week makes me appreciate time spent with them more. 

As usual Daddy was very sweet to send me off with Lucas. When they left I shed a few tears. I already missed them, especially Lucas. He's such a happy boy, so intent on playing with his aeroplane that he just gives me an absent-minded goodbye. I didn't mind of course, as long as he's happy. I do regret that Daddy and I are not as affectionate anymore. Our goodbye was worse than absent-minded. Like a quick dismissal. Like the kind of goodbyes you give to your parents that you take for granted and don't care that they are going off for a week. 

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