Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Random reflection

I have been busy and did not have much time for reflection and writing. After being busy with the case study from a company I was applying for for a week, I felt relief and not so stressed after I submitted it yesterday.

This morning as I was walking to work I was reflecting. I have been losing my patience and been rude to Lucas recently. I have also been using my phone more and more in front of the children. So I tell myself not to do that.

Also my friend, Cindy, has taken up the Gratitude Challenge. The first time I saw it I thought it was cheesy and dismissed it. Then recently I read her posts and I find that I quite like reading them. So this time I did not dismiss it, I gave it some thought. There is no harm in trying it out. At worst you write crap for 21 days. At best you learn to appreciate what you have in life and become happier. I acknowledge, I'm not always a joy to be around. I am strict with myself and others around me, have high double standards, that it's no fun to be with me.

So I shall try the Gratitude Challenge too. I will not write it on Facebook, I don't need everyone to know what I am grateful for. I shall write it in my yellow notebook, which is more accessible anywhere. And truly, I don't want to spend so much time on my phone.

Edit 19 Dec 2014:
After my declaration to start the gratitude challenge three days ago, I have written a total of zero!
I guess I really need to write it via my phone. Will write it on this blog then!

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