Thursday, 10 July 2014

Sunday with Lucas

Last Sunday my husband had to work at the last minute. It was our helper's off day so I needed my mil's help. In the end the arrangement was that I leave Luis at her house while I bring Lucas home for swimming and nap. 

So for the first time since Luis was born, Lucas and I had time alone together. This was different from the times I brought him to Heguru classes or went to fetch my husband together. There was no rush element. 

I brought him swimming and then we went home for a nap. It was just us. And when he woke up we lazed on the bed for a while. 

I miss enjoying alone time with Lucas. It brought back memories and feelings of the times before Luis was born. Many times during Sundays it was only Lucas and me, and we spent a lot of time together. All my attention was on him and there was nothing else to rush to. 

So unexpectedly, my husband being called back to work at the last minute turned into a rather nostalgic Sunday for me. Mummy love you baby... Always remember that. 

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