Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Starting is always the most difficult...

First time I created my blogger profile was because I needed to ask a question about making a cake.

And then I saw that I can have a blogger profile! To me that is very cool, not something that I imagine myself to do. I mean, I do read some blogs now and then, I do the usual Facebook stuff, but blogging is something of a different level for someone like me.

Well so starting is always the most difficult especially if my IT savvy level is 'Minus one'.
Took 2 weeks to finally get it started today. Took a long time to think of a name too.

So how did Lulumummy come about?
Well because I have two sons, the centre of my very crowded universe, and their names are Lucas and Luis. A friend actually called them the 'Lulu brothers'. What a nice and funny name. So there... it's not exactly easy to find a domain that is available so I am very happy with this.

Lastly I am a working mother, so I am supposed to be working hard at my computer now and not starting a blog.
I'll come back later, and hopefully regularly to vent my random thoughts!

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