Monday, 2 June 2014

Airfryer eggless apple crumble bread pudding

I'm not a bread pudding fan. To me it's soggy bread in some eggy mixture that is not tasty. However I have leftover bread and I do not like to waste food. So I made a bread pudding that is not soggy and I added crumble on top to make the overall taste even less soggy-like. It was so good that I had to wake my husband up at 1am after I made it. And it was so good that he sat up and ate it!

Serving size: Around 8 pax, need to bake 2 batches using a 6-inch round pan or ~11 souffle cups.

- 300g bread cut roughly into 3cm by 3cm pieces (I used homemade cranberry bread because that's what I had)
- Roughly 1 1/3 cup of filling (I used 1/2 cup raisins, slightly more than 1/2 cup apple, and some walnuts. It's perfect.)

- 3/4 evaporated milk (because that's what I had leftover from making chocolate cake)
- 3/4 cup water
(Or you can used 1 1/2 cups of whatever milk you want)
- 5 tablespoons honey
- 2 teaspoon corn starch
- 2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
- 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

- 11/3 cup plain flour
- 3/5 cup brown sugar
- 100g butter

Now we can start:

1) Add dry ingredients together in a big mixing bowl

2) Add wet ingredients in another bowl and mix well. 

3) Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients and leave it to soak for at least 15 min. Now and then toss the bread to enable even soaking.

4) Put flour and sugar in another bowl and mix. 

5) Now (not before!) take butter out from fridge and cut into cubes. 

6) Add butter to flour mixture. Toss butter in mixture. 

7) Preheat airfryer to 180 deg C for 5 min. 

8) Using your fingertips, rub butter in flour mixture till they  look like breadcrumbs. If too much butter, either throw some away or add flour and sugar. Personally I think you should add flour and sugar because even when I felt the crumble was too much, it didn't feel so when you eat them. 

8) If you plan to move the pudding to another container for keeping in fridge or because you need to use the same pan for the 2nd batch or whatever, line the pan with baking paper and grease it. I made it two layers so that it can keep its shape when I lift it up into another container. 

9) Put crumble on the bottom of pan, then add half the bread mixture. Don't pour in the liquid (because I don't like it to be soggy), just scoop into pan with spoon. 

10) Top generously with crumble. 

11) Bake in airfryer at 180 deg C for 22 min ( I tried 25 for 1st batch and it was a little burnt). 

12) And voila! 

It tastes very much like apple crumble. You wouldn't know that it's made of bread. 

If you are health conscious, skip the crumble because that's where the sugar and butter will add to your waistline. But it's also the most delicious and crunchy part of the pudding. Or simply sprinkle with brown sugar on top instead, might still get some crunch.

I kept it at room temperature for 7 hours before transferring to fridge. Ate it and didn't have any problems. But to play safe you might want to store in fridge and warm it up when you want to eat it. 

Serve with vanilla ice cream if you have, will be even more fabulicious!


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