Monday, 9 February 2015


Today my colleague had a farewell session as she's going to the U.S. to work. During her farewell it got me thinking about how my farewell will be if I should leave one day. Something like other people's mortality makes you think of your own mortality but less morbid. 

This colleague has friends in the office. She has two friends who are really close to her, who cried during the farewell and I'm sure again later when they bid their personal farewells. There were others who had good things to say about her. She's not close to everyone, but she's close to some.

I'm envious. I do not have such friends at work. I'm not even sure if someone will bother to hold a farewell for me when I leave. I'm simply not the type who cares enough about people or reveal myself enough to form friendships with people at work. In the past I have been closest to Jesselin. I don't have such friends anymore at work. Simon is not the same as Jesselin. In the past at one point I felt lonely at work. Over time I've learnt to accept it. When you are a manager you have no friends. The people you work closest with cannot be your friends.  Unless you are friends with other managers, in this case it's difficult to find someone who will click with me. That's one reason if I get to land another job I would like not to be a manager anymore. 

Anyhow I got a little sad, that's unfortunately how I am. What to do...

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